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Mi Casa, Sue Casa

“Our life is the creation of our mind”


Follow my experiences and see how colorful the world can be

Here are the most recent works of a true introvert.

Personal. Honest. Raw. Unapologetic.

Welcome to my personal blog! My aim is to tell my honest truth, with an open mind and as objectively as possible. You will find my personal journeys, my thoughts on life and my introverted feelings in this extroverted, loud world.

This is me.

The Beginning of Life

The whole idea surrounding pregnancy and what it all entails has never really hit me as much as it did these last 8 months. I mean, I understood what it all meant and how it happens and that it is such an amazing thing that happens – to grow a whole new human being from…

Emotional Abuse: Did I choose it? Did it choose me?

I recently read a very gripping and personal memoir of a woman who, during lockdown, decided to write about her life from the perspective of living as a colored woman in 1990’s in post Apartheid South Africa. She wrote in detail about the amount of emotional abuse she had to endure in her relationships and…

Marriage – truth or fiction?

The definition of marriage, if we had to put a picture to it, usually looks like the ending to a romantic film or a Disney cartoon. Music playing, birds singing, everyone is so happy and no matter what happened in the story, everything worked out better than imagined. All you need is love, right? This…

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